Type II Skin Health Bundle
Type II Skin Health Bundle
Type II Skin Health Bundle
Type II Skin Health Bundle
Type II Skin Health Bundle
Type II Skin Health Bundle
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Type II Skin Health Bundle

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Health Benefits

When blood sugar levels are too high for too long, several changes take place in the body that affect skin health.

Blood sugar leaves the body through the urine. When there is too much blood sugar, a person will urinate more. This can result in dehydration and dry skin.

High blood sugar levels can also lead to inflammation. Over time, this can dull or over-stimulates the immune response.

Nerve and blood vessel damage can also reduce circulation. Poor blood flow can alter the skin’s structure, especially its collagen.

Without healthy collagen networks, the skin can become stiff and, in some cases, brittle. Collagen is also necessary for proper wound healing.

1) Effective blood sugar management.

2) Collagen replacement

Our Type II Healthy Skin Bundle is the perfect combo for anyone looking to:

  • Balance blood sugar naturally*
  • Improve metabolism
  • Reduce reliance on blood sugar meds
  • Replenish skin collagen levels
  • Restore healthy skin

It contains two of our best sellers: Insulin Herb and Collagen Peptides.

Many customers who take both Insulin Herb and Collagen Peptides reported a faster recovery to healthy blood sugar levels and healthy glowing skin while helping them to maintain their results for the long term.

Insulin Herb Berberine: Berberine has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine, where it was used to treat various ailments. It’s a natural compound extracted from a variety of herbs in nature, including goldenseal, barberry, Oregon grape, and tree turmeric.

IMPROVED BERBERINE FORMULA: Our capsules feature Berberine Hydrochloride, this enhanced form is widely studied and considered to be absorbed more easily by the body into the bloodstream.

OPTIMAL 500MG DOSE: The recommended daily Berberine dosage is around 1500mg. Many studies have shown you should take Berberine 500mg, three times daily, to reach the correct

Collagen Peptides: Each scoop of EzyAbsorb's Collagen Peptides provides 10g collagen;

  • Our collagen provides a unique profile of Type 1 collagen for youthful, glowing skin and nail,
  • Type 2 collagen for joint and cartilage health and
  • Type 3 collagen which reduces hair loss, and improves elasticity.

Regular consumption of this special class of collagen can support healthy skin, healthy joints, a healthy gut and more.

HIGHLY ABSORBED FORMULA: EzyAbsorb Collagen protein powder uses an advanced hydrolyzation process to break down large collagen molecules into tiny collagen peptides. These tiny molecules allow greater absorption and utilization by your body to promote vibrant youthful skin.

Suggested Use

Each bottle contains a 30-Day supply. Take 1 capsule/scoop three times a day before or after a meal. Many studies have shown you should take Berberine 500mg, three times daily, to reach the correct recommended dosage. Using separate doses improves absorption but more importantly helps you avoid side effects like stomach cramps and nausea that arise from a concentrated 1500mg dose.

For best results, take it together with Carb Blocker.

Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is not required

  • Stimulant and caffeine-free
  • Keto friendly
  • Reduce reliance on blood sugar meds
  • Replenish skin collagen levels
  • Restore healthy skin

The Type II Healthy Skin Bundle is ideal for those who:

  • Want healthy glowing skin
  • Want to balance blood sugar naturally
  • Replenish skin collagen levels

Life-Changing Results. Customers share their stories


This is a game-changer!!!!

Where do I begin? Firstly, my husband & I began the Keto Diet January 15, 2019. I was "Pre-Diabetic" and Insulin Resistant. The Keto Diet & Intermittent Fasting was helping lower my blood sugar, but the results were slow due to my fatty liver problems (from Estrogen Dominance).

Once I began using this Berberine, (1500 mgs per day), I noticed a difference almost immediately! Within a few days, my clothes were fitting looser. My blood sugar levels went down drastically. I stopped craving carbohydrates and was able to stick to my Intermittent Fasting much easier!

I like this brand because it does not contain unhealthy fillers such as Silicon Dioxide (which is basically powdered glass), methyl crystalline cellulose (which is basically wood pulp). These additives damage your organs and they also prevent the absorption of the supplement by clogging up your cells!

Cheryl L Young

This supplement works!!

I have been taking Berberine to help lower my A1-C. I'm not that high, 5.6 but since diabetes runs in my family I want to keep it as low as I can. Since taking the Berberine, my A1-C has gone down to 5.5. I have ordered some for my mother that has a 8.4 A1-C and she has noticed her daily sugar is lower than it has ever been. I am anxious to see what her results will be when she goes back for blood work.

Laura Beth

Great alternative to Metformin.

I suffer from PCOS and Metformin made me ill.  Berberine has lowered my blood sugar levels without any ill effects.


This is a Miracle product

This product is a miracle product. I got it for my uncle, his sugar dropped from between 200 to 400 to 80 just the next morning and it has been running between 70 and 100 for about two months. His blood Pressure is better and his energy level went up. He is back to caring for himself daily and walking without support. Thank you very much for this product.

Read The Top 18 Questions Customers Had Asked Before Ordering Berberine

Click on the questions below to see the answers.

1) When can I expect results with Berberine?
Everyone’s body is unique so individual results may vary. While some customers started seeing early results in as early as 2 weeks, it typically takes up to 4 to 12 weeks for Berberine to kickstart glycolysis and the lowering of blood sugar levels. 
This is why we recommend trying Berberine for 3 months in order to enjoy the benefits.
However, within the first few consumptions, most customers tend to experience:
  • Greater energy
  • Reduction in weight
  • Less inflammatory pain in places like joints
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2) Does Berberine have any side effects?
Berberine is not known to have any major side effects.
Berberine is made using high quality, natural ingredients and has been tested safe for consumption. It was formulated to be stimulant-free, which makes it ideal for long-term consumption.
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3) Does Berberine contain gluten, soy, peanuts, shellfish or any other allergens?
No. Berberine does not contain any of these mentioned ingredients or allergens. Because of that, it fits into most diets like vegan, keto, paleo and kosher. 
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4) Can I take Berberine with metformin?
Berberine is a dietary supplement and can be taken on top of metformin, a first line drug therapy.
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5) How does Berberine help regular blood sugar?
Berberine works to activate the enzyme AMPK - which is known as the Master Metabolic Switch. Once this switch is turned on, the body starts burning sugar for energy. As sugar is burned for energy, no longer does it bind to your cells - resulting in the natural reduction of blood sugar levels. 
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6) I’m pre-diabetic. Can I take Berberine to manage my blood sugar?
Yes, many of our customers who are pre-diabetic are using Berberine as a first line defense to regular blood sugar with great success.
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7) Will Berberine work for me if I’m not dieting or working out?
Yes, several of our customers who suffered joint pain or didn’t have time to work out were able to lower their blood sugar levels and blood glucose with Berberine. 
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8) Is this a one-time purchase?
Yes, rest assured that all orders on this page are one-time purchases.
This means that you won’t be charged again in the subsequent months. There will not be any automatic recurring billing or hidden charges.
Once you select your bottles, you’ll be brought to the checkout page where you can choose to pay by credit card or Paypal.
Paypal may show a default “billing agreement” statement (which we’re unable to tweak).
But don’t worry, there won’t be any hidden charges. It will only be billed once according to what you have purchased.
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9) Do you ship worldwide (eg. Canada, New Zealand)? What are the shipping charges?
Yes we do! We ship worldwide.
For orders outside the US, the shipping cost depends on the weight of your order and the updated shipping fee will be shown at checkout.
For orders in the US, we offer free shipping for orders of 3 bottles or more.
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10) What currency are the prices in?
All prices shown are in United States Dollar (USD), but you can purchase outside the US as we ship worldwide.
If you're using non-US currencies, the conversion will be done by your bank or payment provider and they will advise in your currency.
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11) When can I expect my shipment of Berberine?
Your order will be sent out from our shipment center in Colorado, USA.
Below are the estimated delivery timings.
Expedited Shipping: 2 to 7 business days for orders within the US Free
Regular Shipping: 5 to 18 business days for orders within the US
You will also receive an email receipt and confirmation from us in your email inbox.
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